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Housemaid Service Feature

With 10 years housemaid service experience, the qualified maid we offered can do any kind of housework you required like cleaning, washing, ironing etc, not only doing the normal housework, but also meeting your unique requirements.



After training in housekeeping school, the housemaid can start to work for expatriate families. Their years of housekeeping experience can help you with house cleaning, cooking, baby-sitting, shopping and other housework that you need.



All maids are Beijing permanent residents or non-Beijing residents who have been working in Beijing for many years. Our company verifies their identity and carefully examines their experience.



We say reliable not only because of their professional housekeeping skills, but also their good moral records. We train them for professional service manners and etiquette before they start their career. They do not have any bad habits.



All maids will be required to check-up at contracted hospitals to ensure the exactness of the health information. The employer can designate an international hospital or clinics like BJU or re-check.


Quality Guarantee System

Ex-pats Service set up a perfect testing process to valuate the housemaid’s abilities and good faith.

1.       Strict ID Check

2.       Housekeeping Skills and Working Experience examination

3.       Recommendation System

4.       Comprehensive Training


Our Promise

1.       All the housemaids must have health check-up in hospital designated by EX-PATS Life every year to avoid any cheating behavior. Fully inquiring of their family disease record and living environment.

2.       EX-PATS Life provide 24 hours free interpretation service to help you to communicate with your housemaid.

3.       EX-PATS Life provide at least 20 hours free English lessons for your housemaid every year.