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My nanny/ayi/driver cannot provide me with a reference letter. Can I still trust him/her?

There is a mix of reasons why a Chinese employee may not have a reference letter to offer. The first is primarily cultural: reference letters are not required for Chinese jobs or universities so many Chinese employees do not realize that they should ask for a letter for their next western employer when their current employer returns to his home country. In a related issue, Chinese employees do not realize the long-lasting importance of such a letter and do not keep it safe. The other predominant reason is that there are plenty of times when employment is abruptly halted – due to the host family’s departure or perhaps a misunderstanding that could have been mediated. Again, the Chinese employee will likely not realize the importance of asking for a reference letter.

In the absence of a reference letter, Expats Life fills a void to check the experience of potential job candidates in two different ways. First, Expats Life does a background check on the individual, including and not limited to: family status, previous work experience, and oral references where available. Next, Expats Life tests the ayi/nanny/driver’s actual skills relevant to his work, plus his foreign language skills. For drivers, Expats Life test their driving skills, their driving record, and familiarity with Beijing and the surrounding area. For nanny/ayi’s, Expats Life tests their cooking and housecleaning skills such as ironing, and also asks them to take a written test about childcare.

Although a good number of Chinese job candidates may not be able to provide a substantive reference letter as common in western countries, please be assured that Expats Life is doing its best to provide a vital alternative to assure you of the candidate’s quality and experience.