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Welcome to Study in EX-PATS Life

EX-PATS Life aims to help foreigners from all over the world enjoy their job, studying and life in China through their mandarin training experience. In addition to offer specialized language courses, we are honored to provide Chinese language training to multi-national corporations and foreign individuals in Beijing. We help you to learn practical daily mandarin and put it into practice as fast as possible.
We are quite experienced in corporate training and helping foreign employees to communicate with Chinese workers and clients in mandarin, so as to strengthen their job performance. Second Language study is a skill as you learn swimming which involves lots of practice. Our method is much practice and less of great explanation. In the class, students will occupy 80% time to practice and drill and the teacher only use 20% of time to explain. We realize this target through four steps: Repetition, Questions and Answers, Substitution, Performance. In this way, students can master what they have learned in the class with a small group.


Our Chinese Teachers


We are proud of dynamic team of enthusiastic teachers, all of whom have a solid teaching background and professionally trained. Before joining EX-PATS Life, all of them have university degree and a certificate for teaching Chinese as a foreign language. Our dedicated and friendly staff assists you in every aspect of your experience, not only from Chinese courses also from accommodations to excursions and activities. Our teaching staff developed effective instructional techniques tailored to the student particular requirements and learning styles. Striving to meet student unique needs, they encourage student utilizing the concept of Learning Language through Daily Life. With an emphasis on student participation, our teachers utilize a wide range of methods, such as role playing, to assist students to apply what they learn in the classroom in real-life situation.


Mandarin Courses & Price


Individual Chinese Course
This is the fastest and most effective way for learning Mandarin. You will learn at your own pace on your preferred timetable. This course is designed to adapt to the specific requirements of you, the student. It is tailor-made to your individual needs and interests, and will progress at just the right speed for you. At the beginning of the course you will sit down with your teacher and discuss your requirements and goals. It’s flexible.

HSK Preparation Course
Our teacher’s unique teaching method will assist you in attaining a high score on the HSK Exam. While the course content includes grammar, vocabulary, reading comprehension and writing. The HSK exam is offered at several different levels, so a student may take the test as a relative beginner or as a proficient speaker. Our teachers are trained to help students succeed at this examination, and while it is possible to only focus on HSK Preparation Chinese, it is usually taken in conjunction with a General Chinese or Business Chinese course.


Mandarin Courses Price


 Class Form








Private class

(1 to 1)










 80 hrs and above




 Enroll more than 30 hrs


 Enroll less than 30 hrs




Private class

(1 to 2)




 Enroll 60 hours


 Enroll less than 30 hours




 Enroll 60 hours


 Enroll more than 30 hours


Payment Notice:


1、   The tuition fee excludes the training materials. If you want to use your own book, please prepare one for the teacher.

2、   The tuition fee should be paid in advance.

3、   Door service fee for private lesson: RMB10-20 inside 3rd 4th – ring road, RMB40 outside 4th – ring road.

4、   Private lesson before 9:00 RMB 10/time added; before 8:00 RMB 20/time added.

5、   One hour free trial lesson before starting the courses officially.