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New Traffic Regulations 2013

The Ministry of Public Security’s China amended new traffic regulations starting from 1st Jan, 2013 on violation of traffic rules. The rules are below.


1. Running Red Light, 6 points with 100RMB penalty.

2. Drunk Driving, Revoke driving license and can not obtain driving license in five years.

3. Don’t fasten safety belt, 3 points with RMB100 penalty.

4. Don’t fasten safety belt on front passenger seat, 1 point with 50RMB penalty.

5. Making calls while driving, 3 points with 100RMB penalty.

6. Smoking while driving, 1 point with 100RMB penalty.

7. Blocking car license plate, 12 points with 5000RMB maximum penalty.

8. Speeding Driving, 6 points penalty.


Please be informed and comply with the traffic rules in Beijing.


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