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Convenient Payment Choices

 For our customers’ convenience, we provide many different models receiving your payment. We accept foreign currency payment by cash, wire transfer, credit card etc. All the payment shall transfer to equivalent amount of RMB signed in the contract.


1. Cash Payment

Any currency cash payment is acceptable. Please call us for picking up from your house/office, or pay by dropping off our office.


2. Personal Electric Wire Transfer

This is very convenient for some expatriate customers who just move to Beijing. If you still have not the Chinese bank account or lack of RMB in account, you can pay directly from overseas bank by your deposit currency. Of course, RMB payment is the same way if you do not like draw out cash. Please remember reminding us how much, when you make the payment. We may receive many same amount of payment at the same day. So we can confirm with your payment only if you can provide the deposit information.


3. Company Check or Bank Transfer

For the company payment, both check and electric bank transfer are acceptable. My financial will forward you the company bank account upon requirement.


4. Foreign Currency

All our service is priced in Chinese currency, Ren Min Bi-RMB. So we will change any foreign currency payment to RMB by the rate on the changing day. If the amount RMB is more than you shall pay, we will return you RMB in cash.